Artist books – Twenty Six Alphabets

Twenty Six Alphabets is a collaborative work in progress, comprising 26 volumes, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each volume is a collection of 26 sequential photographic images of letterforms. An alphabet of individual letters from the selected volumes are shown below.
Printed books
148 x 210 mm
Edition of 52


1000 x 1500 mm
Edition of 26


A borial Richard Berry
B rick Richard Berry / Michael Abrahams

C oast Richard Berry
D uoro Valley  Michael Abrahams Printed 2012
E cclesiatic Richard Berry
F ly/post Richard Berry
G raffiti Holly von Hoyningen Huene
H omage Michael Abrahams
I nisheer Step Haiselden Printed 2012
J uvenile Michael Abrahams
K nicked Michael Abrahams
a phabet Josh Abrahams Altass / Michael Abrahams
M ade Richard Berry Printed 2012
N epal Richard Berry / Michael Abrahams Printed 2010
O rchestra Forest Philharmonic / Michael Abrahams
P aris Dulcie Abrahams Altass / Michael Abrahams Printed 2012
Q uipu Michael Abrahams
R ubbish Michael Abrahams & others 
S tack Richard Berry
T ransient Michael Abrahams
U pside down Michael Abrahams
V illage Richard Berry
UU (double U) Richard Berry / Michael Abrahams 
an alphabet of Xs Michael Abrahams
Y ellow Naomi den Besten / Michael Abrahams
Z anzibar Michael Abrahams

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