dsc_0671I was born in 1956 in Manchester, England. Attended a jewish primary school and then rarely went to my local state grammar school.

Never thought about making art, though I did like hanging out in the art room.

In 1974 I ‘did’ the hippy trail – Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Nepal.
From 1975 to 1979 went to Reading University and studied Typography and Graphic Communications, then straight to work in design consultancies Banks & Miles, Negus & Negus and Raymond Loewy.

Never thought about making art.

In 1996, I established Abrahams, my design studio in east London. One-third of our time was spent on commercial work, one-third on curating events (Designer Breakfasts, based at the Design Museum with Amanda Tatham and At Abrahams, a roving series with Claire Curtice), and one-third doing pro bono work and our own research/self directed projects (making abcederies).

Started thinking about making art.

In 2007, I began my ongoing artistic and critical collaboration with Richard Berry making artist books and since 2014, have ceased programming events, reducing my commercial design work and am now thinking less about making art and spending more time doing it. In 2016, Cecilia was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

I’m glad I make art.