Prints – VM533

Monoprints / collage.
Printmaking on CityLit fine art course VM533.
Paper, ink, lino and material leftover by colleagues.

Using Brian’s (our teacher’s) left over palette, the rectangles from the middle inspired

to make what I call ‘duoprints’, as individual prints which I bound into a book. Here’s a selection of spreads from the book

and then the left overs became collages. 

I couldn’t decide which sides were the fronts so I photocopied the fronts and backs together. Here’s a front/back followed by collages combining both 

I was about to give away one of my ‘gash’ prints when Zara said it looked like my still life ‘box’. So a photocopy collage followed

and then a book of boxes, here’s a selection of spreads…

and the holes made 3D prints.

A few more random prints and a photocopy collage,

and some lino printing /collage, followed by prints on lino itself.

Drawings – VM533

Drawings of colleagues on CityLit fine art course VM533.
Part of my Sketchbook project.
Paper, paint, chalk, ink, charcoal and scavenged material leftover by colleagues.

Shirley with her back to me, dripping ink

Claudia with red scarf

Edward concentrating

Angela painting

Britta sitting with her back to me


Asli sketching

Kanchan sitting, with apron

Kate looking on

 No one in particular

 Ruth, who set the project with tartan trousers

Memories – Paris

Following my trips to Morocco, Senegal and Paris, I’m wondering if there’s something in the gallic aesthetic that makes ‘trash’ look so artful – or is it just me?
Drain pipes noticed during a one hour walk around the 6th arrondissement.

Please click on the link Parisian pipes to view the pdf documents

Portraits – Matadors

I don’t know why I make matadors?
I’m not Spanish and I abhor bullfighting.
But it’s just the way the objects want to be assembled.

Matador 1
Found objects, flotsam, Tobago
410 x 240mm


Matador 2
Found objects, flotsam, Senegal
150 x 140mm