Look. Look. Look.


I think we are ‘wired’ to see what we want to see. We filter and arrange things to fit the familiar picture of ‘our’ world. It is impossible to take in every nuanced moment. So, we don’t. But every now and then we do.

I use art as a tool to challenge my looking. What am I really seeing? I engage with the puzzle of ‘objets trouvés’. For me, every object has an individual personality and backstory – paradoxically a shared human trait – everyone is different, but with so much in common. My work is a play on portraiture – emotive, not physically descriptive.

The assemblages employ the medium of found objects in their totality – no cutting, breaking, painting… I combine them to reveal what I see – a personality – which I didn’t see at first glance, but which gradually emerges when I become familiar with their being.