Liberty Hall

Throughout the two year refurbishment of Liberty Hall in east London, I utilised the hoardings to connect and involve the public with the intentions of the project.

Firstly, using it to thank them directly for their support but also to send that message wider.

Secondly, as we entered the first lockdown in 2020, it became a ‘Memori-wall’ where people joined together every week to remember friends, family and neighbours who had passed away as they could not he grieved in traditional and established ways.

And thirdly, once Liberty Hall opened and the hoarding removed, we established a weekly drumming circle to continue to remember.

I dreamt I woke up remembering that I hadn’t forgotten is a ‘moving image’ created out of archived material from the installation and events.

Liberty Hall

The way I think I can change the world or at least make a difference is through hyper-localism.

After 30 years of being a derelict eyesore and sitting empty, this ex-public convenience, located right across the road from where I live, has now been converted into a new flexible community space. The project was delivered by a group of us called Clapton Commons with the ambition to give meaning to the idea of the common good.

While project managing the refurb, I used the hoardings and a giant canvas for making public art.