First Words in Dalston: 2021-22

A collaboration with artist Francesca Giuliano, First Words in Dalston is a visual and audio art installation using the first sentences of publications contributed by people who live and work near Dalston CLR James Library on 250m of hoardings in Dalston Square, east London.

It’s a project devised to create connections during the enforced isolation of lockdown. The sound art is ‘performed’ on a schedule posted on the project website.

On National Poetry Day 7 October 2021, we curated Second First Words in Dalston, four new audio works that incorporated the recordings by Duncan Chapman, composer/sound artist/musician; Hilary Sturt & Ian Pressland, creative musicians; and Fiona Horigan, multi-media artist. Please visit the project website for more information and to add your first sentence to the project.

First Words in Dalston