Unfinished business: 2021

Lockdown put a stop to visiting exhibitions. However, I realised that it was within the rules to view homes if one was interested in moving.

I approached developer Gus Zogolovitch to see if his new ‘raw’ or ‘unfinished’ homes in Blenheim Grove were now on the market as the hoardings were down and snagging work was nearing completion. The answer was yes and he agreed that I could curate a show that would close when lockdown was lifted.

I invited a group of 13 artists (including myself) to respond to the theme and am grateful to them for their support and enthusiasm: Lito Apostolakou, Noel Bramley, G. Calvert, Brian Deighton, Josie Deighton, Francesca Giuliano, Fiona Horigan, Hugo Knox, Katie Maynard, Claudia Rampelli, Soul’D, Roger Zogolovitch.

For more images from the show click here.